Horizontal and Vertical Blinds

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal Blinds (often referred as mini-blinds) are a popular choice for covering large areas of glass.

Economy and function are two of the main reasons. This blind is available in many materials. Aluminum is still the most popular for quality and longevity. Wood, Vinyl and composite materials also add to the many possibilities. Slat sizes range in size from 1” – 2” being the most popular.


  • Privacy
  • Light control
  • Economy
  • Many design styles for different applications

Vertical blinds

Benefits are very effective light control, easy operation and economy. Well suited in the case of large windows.

For sloping and irregular shaped windows, verticals blinds are often the best and most practical solution.
Vertical vanes are most often 3.5” wide. Single track width can go up to 191” wide. Vane lengths go up to 120” long.

Vertical vane materials:

  • Vinyl
  • Cloth – includes cloth inserted into vinyl grooves.
  • Sheer weave materials
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
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